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Master YOON
This is an experience course in Taekwondo class. We have a lot of experience in Taekwondo classes for foreigners. We will have time to experience Korean Taekwondo culture for a short time. Taekwondo uniforms are provided free of charge and can be rented to suit your body size. After changing Taekwondo uniform, we will begin Taekwondo classes with Korean students. You will have enough body relaxation and warm up for safe classes. If you are fully relaxed, you will learn the simple basic movements of Taekwondo, kicking and punching.And together we will practice kicking. and Than learn how self defense from Master. Finally, you will have an event to defeat the pylon with the kick you learned from us. At the end of the class, you will have a certificate presentation and you will have time to take pictures with your master and classmate.
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