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Suwon Hwaseong, into the splendid architecture





mail 1:00 PM

Suwon Station 12 Exit

Meeting and introducing each other.

And moving to Yeonmudae by bus.





mail 1:40 PM

Yeonmudae Experiencing Korean Traditional archery

Yeonmudae is a good place to look inside the castle. After the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress was completed in 1796, it was a training site for soldiers. It is a well-known Korean Traditional archery competition for more than 200 years. We are going to experience the state palace here.





mail 2:00 PM

Hwaseong Frotress Tourist Trolly.

Covering all of the key tourist attractions in and around SUWON HWASEONG FORTRESS.


Course : Yeonmudae - Huahongmun -  Hwaseomun - Janganmun - In front of Hwaseong Fortress Square

- Paldalmun - Yeo Min-gak





mail 2:40 PM

Suwon Hwaseong Museum

Exploring the Great and secret Architectureal Metods, contructed by King Jeongjo and his servant Jeong Yak-yong.





mail 3:20

PM Hwaseong Haenggung

Haenggung is the villa that the king stayed when he went on a trip. Hwaseong Haenggung is the largest and most beautiful haenggung in Korea. We’re going to look around here.





mail 4:20 PM

Pyrograph on wood

We’re choosing the item(coin bank, pocket book or mini case.) first. And drawing Suwon Hwaseong directly on the wood using the hot iron. We can take our own souvenir of Suwon Hwaseong.





mail 5:00 PM

Bori hall Bulgogi

Eating Korean traditional food Bulgogi.





mail 6:30 PM

Flying Suwon

Flying Suwon is a hot-air balloon ride to enjoy the night view of Suwon. We’re going to enjoying the night view of Suwon Hwaseong which has the beauty of winter.




Introduction of guide

Hello :)
We are a member of 3 people and we are the same major.
We went on many long and short trips together and all the trips were of great significance.
So we hope you feel the significance of your trip together in Korea!!
To do that, you should come with us! :)

Providing items

Dinner, snack

Other Preparation

Meeting place

Suwan Station 12 Exit



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