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INSSA`s Newtro excursion /인싸들의 뉴트로 외출기

Hello!  : ))
Our team name is INSSA and we are your tripmakers!
Have you ever heard of the new word ``NEWTRO`` ?
NEWTRO is combination of ``NEW`` and ``RETRO``.
It means to enjoy the Retro things by the new ways.
Currently, the New-tro culture is gaining huge popularity in Korea. And more and more people fall into it !!
Let`s give me a example of Iksondong. It`s one of the best places you can experience New-tro.
Why don`t you experience Newtro things with us? Let`s go to Jong-no with us right now!! 


  the pictorial schedule

 Detail schedule

11:30 am : Meeting place

Meet at Exit 4 of Euljilo 4street station.
Before starting the tour, we are going to do a headcount. And then, we will give you some time to introduce yourself.



11:30~12:30: A food tour of the traditional Gwangjang market.

Let`s take the bus and move to Gwangjang Market! We`ll have a brunch here.
We will try various street foods of Korea in this market,such as yukhoe, korean style raw beef, sliced rwa octopus and Dduckbokki !!! It will taste good because they are most famous food in the Gwangjang market.


address : 88-Changgyeongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul



12:30~13:30 : Dressing Gyungsung Clothing

We can wear Gyungsung Clothing!

Gyunsung Clothing is representative clothes when korea accepted the Western cultures in 1900`s.

It`s a long-dress with ribbons, hat and gloves with a mesh, striped suit.
You can put on the clothes twice. And then you should choose what you want. 


address: 172-2 Waryeong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Rental fee : 27$/3hour 



13:30~15:00 : Changgyeong Palace

We will visit Changgyeong Palace with wearing Gyungsung Clothin and experience the old sentiments of Korea.

Take a picture together to leave a memory!


address: 185 changgyeonggungno Changgyeonggung place , Jongno-gu, Seoul

Bussiness hour : 09:00~ 18:00  (day off: Monday) 

case age fee
foreigner 19~64  1$
7~18  0.5$
Anyone Who wearing Hanbok                                  free
local 25~64  1$
0~24/ 65~   free







15:00~16:30 : Ikseon-dong Hanok Street

We will visit a café in Ikseon-dong. It is decorated with a reinterpretation of retro and modern things.
Let` take a rest with cup of coffee and look around beauty of Hanok Street.

address: Ikseon-dong,Jongno-gu



16:30~18:00 : Dinner

We will finish our prepared tour by eating Korean food together.

In "Hangeluk"  you can enjoy the pusion korean dishies and Makgeolli korean traditional drink !

address: 21-11 Supyeoro-28gil , Jongno-gu, Seoul.

bussiness hour : 11:30~22:00


▲"buckwheat noodle with Beef Briske" 9.8$ 

 ▲ "Stake on rice" 9$

▲"Korea barbecue + Salad of the season" 26$

Introduction of guide

We are 3 students majoring in tourism, your tour maker and your mate.
We`re called "INSSA". It means hanging out with other people and playing well.
We want to hang out with you and give you the trendy and unknown beauty of Korea !!

Providing items

Gyunsung-Clthoing/cafe beverage/brunch/dinner

Other Preparation

comfortable shoes !!

Meeting place

We will meet at Euljilo 4street station. You should take the No2. subway line, and get off the subway at Euljilo 4street station. Then come out the Exit 4. Find the three girls, we will waitting for you guys :)


If you have further questions should contact us by E-mail at tldus990114@naver.com, doha731@naver.com,csj9901@gamil.com,tnwlschl9901@naver.com !!


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