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Share a Jongno

-Share a Jongno- with Team Hawrang

A charming city is a place where more tourists want to visit. For example, famous cities such as Paris, London, and the Milano work as a combination of contents in various parts of the city`s history, culture, art, information, and industry.

Seoul, the capital of Korea, has more than 600 years of historical value and unique cultural value, so there are many tourist courses with potential as an international city. among them, Jongno is the center of Seoul, and you can enjoy various things to see and enjoy the exotic traditional culture.




Insa-dong is famous for its various tradition. Many streets are connected like puzzles, and traditional things related with art, food, and etc. are located. Many souvenir shops are located, so we can enjoy many things. Let’s join together!



Jo Gye Temple

Jo Gye Temple is one of the biggest temple in Seoul. This temple is always opened for everyone. There are many prepared things to see. We can experience various ‘korean traditional wish making program’.(no fee required), Want to know about your own zodiac animal? Let’s check and see! Also, we can look around and buy souvenirs related with your own zodiac animals and wish-making, fortune kinda things.



Bukchon Hanok Village & Needle therapy

Seoul never sleeps. Seoul is active all day including night, so its good to hang out, but it is also true that finding place which is calm is not easy. Bukchon hanok village is composed of traditional houses, which residents live, so it is very calm. And also, if you like to take pictures, this is the best place to get the image of traditional east Asia in your memory and SNS. Also there are many courses we can experience ancestors’ life. Isn’t it like a buffet restaurant? You can select many experiences you want here. We want YOU make good memories here:)






Tourist spot


Start time


1,2. Insa-dong



Top-gol Park meeting / Departure to Insa


Tour insa (with lunch)

3. Jo-gye Temple



Arrive at the Jo-gye Temple / Tour Jo gye temple

4. Needle Therapy

walk or bus


Arrive at the Oriental clinic / needle therapy experience

5. Bukchon Hanok Village



Arrive at the Hanok Village/ Tour Bukchon-Hanok Village

& Samcheong cafe street(In Bukchon)

*Sauna (sacred body) experience will be included when the time is available.



Tourist spot





Lunch, Souvenir(Option)

Jo-gye Temple



Needle Therapy



Bukchon Hanok Village


Some Experience activities,

Korea Traditional tea tasting

Souvenir & Hanbok rental(Option)




Schedule meal, tourist attraction fee.

-Not Includes

Personal travel expenses, Optional tour, Transportation and guide expenses


Introduction of guide

Hi Im johnny! My dream is being tour guide. Actually, I’m not good at english. But basic communication is okay and also, our team is very fluent in english, korean and japanese, so don’t worry about communication.:)

Our team want to be your friend. Actually our team is composed of military friends. Serving in the army was harsh, but we have good memories. It is because what we felt was that memory comes out from experience, but unforgettable memory comes out from friendship/ We want to also make exotic and rare experience like korean traditional therapy kinda things which many tourists don’t experience.

`2018 Pyeongchang Olymphics` Volunteer
`2018 Seoul street arts festival` Best activist
2018 Kyungsangbuk-do PR Ambassador

Providing items

Drinks, Hot pack

Other Preparation

Thick clothes, Sneakers / *If it rains, umbrella

Meeting place

Exit 1 of Jongno 3-ga Station


Some tourist spots are residential areas of local residents, so should be quiet.


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