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A cozy home party! Finish the end of the day with me.

A warm home party!

Why don`t you finish the day with me? heart

Why don`t you all finish the day with me, with your favorite snacks and drinks in your hands?

We also cook tteokbokki with ingredients from my house, and if you are still hungry, I hope you can chicken order and become friends.

Just like playing with your best friends, if we kep talking, time will soon pass and time will come to break up!

I like to eat and share with other people so I`ll make simple pasta, sandwiches, fried rice, and other simple and delicious foods to eat!

If you want to cook Korean food yourself! I`ll cook with you and give you my own tips on cooking! Do you want to have a warm home party with me on this cold day?


enlightenedSchedule( The time is adjustable : )enlightened

time schedule
6:30 ~ 7: 00 (PM) We meet at Manchon Station, and follow my instructions to the home party location. After the move, you have a short introduction and time to say hello.
7 : 00~ 7 : 30 (PM)

It`s time to take out snacks and drinks that you bring, and simply cook

(If you want to cook, cook together! )

7 : 30 ~ 9 : 00 (PM)

We can enjoy eating and talking, and we can eat delivery food if we still hungrylaugh.

And I have a beam project at home, so we can watch movies or dramas!


Introduction of guide

Hello, I`m the Tripmaker minvely who planned a home party because I like to cook food and share with other people.
I started to enjoy cooking early on. I looked like my mother, so I always made two or three servings even though I`m alone. And ate them with my friends together. I had a small home party a lot, but after doing it many times, I wanted to share not only my friends but also foreign friends about Korean food! So I registered for a trip to Gpoon.
The next favorite thing is traveling! Every vacation, I go on a trip with my friends, cousins, or alone, and I am fascinated by the attraction of travel. I was happiest when I was talking about traveling while eating delicious food. I hope we can have a happy time together.

Providing items

Water, simple food, various items for fun taking pictures, and beam project (movie)

Other Preparation

If you bring your favorite food, snacks, or whatever, it can be a funny home party.

Meeting place

Take Daegu Subway Line 2 (Yeongnamdae-myeon) and get off at Manchon Station! If you come out to exit 2, I'll be waiting for you with a warm hot pack in my hand.


Avoid alcohol with high level! I`d like to have a light beer and have a good meal and have a pleasant talk : )


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