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   Living in the modern city, we are forgetting our past and traditional culture while living busy life. By having this travel, we want you to keep your memory of the past.

   On our first step, we will visit Namsan Hanok Village. Namsan Hanok Village has five hanoks,  traditional Korean houses, from Joseon Dynasty. They were relocated to this place from different parts of Seoul. By visiting time capsule, we can experience the life of the past. While going up , we can see many traditional games that we can do,too. When we reach time capsule, it shows us the connection between past and present.

   After that, we will tour around Myeong Dong, where we can see the modern life of Seoul citizens.

   By having this kind of experience, we hope you have more better sight to Korea. Moreover, it’ll be great if we can share you and our culture with each other.


Trip Plan

▷12:00 - We’ll meet up in front of the exit no.4 of Chungmuro station (line3 & line4).

▷12:00 ~ 1:00 – Pick a restaurant that comes to your mind from the list that we’ve prepared and look around the surroundings. (Lunch fees are not included) 

▷1:00 ~ 2:30 – We will tour around Namsan Hanok Village learning about Korea’s tradition and culture. (Experience fees are not included.)

▷2:30 ~ 3:00 – We will visit a time capsule inside the Namsan Village thinking about the history of Seoul.

▷3:00 ~ 5:00 – We will visit Myeong Dong and compare our culture between past and present.


Short brief of our guide in Namsan Hanok Village

Lee Seung Ueop's house - Owner of this house was the master carpenter of Gyeong Bok palace. And also he was really kind to his wife, so he changed a kitchen a bit. As you can see, there is a small door over there. Through that small door woman in Joseon Dynasty could move the small table to the room.

Kim Chun Yeong's house - Here, we can see a box with a sand, which had been used for practicing a writing. Talking about the education of Josen dynasty, there was a test called 'Gwa-geo', and through this test, people were able to become an official. However both nobles and commons were allowed to take a test, commons didn't have much time to study for the test, so mostly nobles became an official continually.

Min Yeong Hui's house - Can you guess what is this? This is the tool of learning walking. Novel in Joseon Dynasty wanted to show off themselves. So they walked like this! Try it! You can see really big kitchen. This kitchen is the biggest kitchen in this village. You can see sieve over there. And there is a interesting story about it. If ghost comes to the house and see that sieve, because ghost like to count, ghost starts to counts how many holes are in sieve. While it counts, sun rises. So ghost have to run away! And here there is a medicine drawer. It is used to Oriental Medicine!

Yun Taek Yeong's house - The most important thing in this house will be probably a shrine. Since people during the Joseon dynasty believed shrine as a sacred place, they built shrine before the house. Descendants in the house came here every morning and bowed, but not everyone was allowed to come into the shrine. Women were not allowed to enter the shrine according to the Confucianism.

Yun Deok Yeong's house - Since this house was belonged to the concubine of the owner, house's shape is rectangular, so that othere people won't see inside look of the house. There, we can see a bed and notice that it is very short, because the average height during that time was very short. And also we can see a pillow named 'Jook-bu-in' and it means 'bamboo wife'. It was usually during the summer so cool their bodies by hugging this pillow, because a lot of holes in this pillow had helped them to be cool.



- Though we’ll deal with a lot of Korean traditional culture, we’ll also deal with Korea’s history.

- Even though our tour does not have a long distance of walking, we prefer you to wear comfortable shoes, because we’ll be standing a lot while having a tour.

-In Korea, there are lots of fine dust sometimes, so watch the news carefully, and if there is alerts, please take a mask.

- Korea’s winter is very cold and there are some shadows inside the village so you’d better put on warm clothes.

- Traditional winter culture experience Experience fee is not supported)

  1. Making Rice Cake in Min young hui’s house - 10,000won

  2. Making a bow in madang of Hanok Village - 6,000won ~ 11,000won

  3. Learning Darye in Yoon taek young’s house - 20,000won

  4. Natural dyeing experience in Lee seung ueop’s house - 10,000won ~ 50,000won


-Lunch Menu(Signature Menu)

     1)Mok-myuk-san-bang(8 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Sanbang Bibimbob

       -Raw beef Bibimbob

     2)Kong-bool(6 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Bean sprouts Bulgogi

     3)Namsan-sanchae house(12 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Sanchae Bibimbob

       -Sanchae Bulgogi Bibimbob  

     4)Shinsun Seolleongtang(6 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Seolleongtang(Ox bone soup)

     5)Bodol Miyeok(6 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Sole Seaweed soup

       -clam Seaweed soup

     6)James Chicago Pizza(6 minutes from Myungdong station)

       (Prefer for even number of travelers)

       -Couple set

       -Cheese Oven Spaghetti

     7)Jangin Dakgalbi(4 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Spicy Stir-fried Chicken

     8)Aemaui(10 minutes from Myungdong station)

      -Beef Brisket Rice Noodles

     9)Hongkong Banjeom(6 minutes from Myungdong station)



     10)Aori’s Missing(5 minutes from Myungdong station)

       -Aori Ramen(with 5 toppings)

     11)Red Hong(5 minutes from Myungdong station)

       (Prefer for even number of travelers)

       -Cabbage Tteok-bokki

       -Sundae Bokkeum

     12)Pastano(4 minutes from Chungmuro station)

       -Rose(Fusion Pasta)

     13)Namsan Dodam(6 minutes from Chungmuro station)

       -Steamed Kimchi

Introduction of guide

We are Time Traveler, Ju Hyun and Do Hee.
What makes you come to Korea?
Many of you can say it’s because of K-Pop or K-Drama.
Maybe there are not many people coming Korea to know about Korean culture.
We are teenager guides who can explain about our life and culture.
At the same time, we’ve been giving a tour to many foreign travelers for 6 years in Namsan Hanok Village.
So you don’t have to worry us and the tour.
Also there are several selections for lunch that you can choose!
(We also thought about vegetarians so you don’t have to worry about having lunch!)
In this guide, we want to make you experience Korean culture.
Please do not hesitate!
Join us!
Time Traveler

Providing items

A bottle of water, Hot pack(It will keep you warm.)

Other Preparation

Umbrella(if it rains), Nice shoes to walk around

Meeting place

In front of the exit no.4 of Chungmuro station (line3 & line4)




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