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  • Location
  • Seoul, Gangnam Station
  • Time
  • 300min - 5h
  • Personnel
  • 5/3
  • Languages
  • English


What’s Trending?: Not Another Gangnam Station Tour

I. Timeline

3:40 Gathering at Gangnam Station Exit 11

4:00 Arrive at Seoul Escape Room, Enjoy the Escape Room Activity

5:00 Try Trending Korean Fusion Dessert at DreamBetty Cafe

5:30 Arrive at Photo Booth and Take Pictures

5:50 Dinner : Korean Barbeque at 숙달돼지(SukdalPig)

7:00 Shopping at cosmetic shops and Gangnam Station Underground Mall

8:00 Dessert : Rice Cake Toast, Injeolmi Shaved Ice, or Mitsutgaru Latte at Korean Dessert Cafe 설빙(Sulbing)

8:40 End of the Tour


The familiar place you`ve been listening from PSY`s song. The place you saw from Avengers 2. The place where Koreans gather.

Yes, I will be taking you to Gangnam Station.

As a tourist, the desire to know what is trending in Korea is natural. Throughout this trip, I will introduce you to exciting activities and mind-blowing foods that have earned domestic popularity.




I`ll meet you at the Gangnam Station Exit 10!


Let`s start with an activity! Have you heard of "Escape Room"? It`s basically a game which you try to escape a locked room inferring codes through hints provided in various ways. Earning popularity from 2015, Escape Room now numbers more than 200 throughout the country. The escape room we will be having our memorable activity has the best reviews in major Korean publications.

I have completed the bookings! Just follow me and enjoy!


Feeling a little hungry after the chilling activity? Don`t worry, our next destination will solve that hunger.

People eating Korean rice cake say that the texture of it is very novel. Before we try them, let`s eat some Injeolmi Ddungcarons(뚱카롱) which are basically fusion of maracons and Injeolmi(Korean traditional rice cake rolled around soybean flour). Their popularity is burgeoning, especially to younger generations. 

The cafe we are visiting is one of the most famous ddungcaron cafe in Gangnam Station.


Want to have a souvenir of this trip? I`ll take you to a Korean photo booth Koreans are going mad for. 

If we have some spare time after taking pictures, we can visit the karaoke right next to the booth.


I know you`ve been waiting for this. I know a place where they sell high quality of pork. I will tell you how to eat them extensively! My friends call me the "Virtuoso of Ssam(Wrapping)"!


Are you into this trip? Nice choice! :) There are a lot of cosmetic and clothing stores around and in this station. I will inform you where to go and suggest various arrays of stores to you! 


Want to try rice cake toast, Injeolmi shaved ice, or mitsutgaru latte? I`ll guide you to them! 


1. ESCAPE ROOM : 24000 

2. KOREAN FUSION  DESSERT : 2900 (1ea)

3. PHOTO BOOTH : 4000 (2ea)

4. KOREAN BARBECUE : 14000 (1 serving)

5. Misutgaru Latte : 4500

   Injeolmi Shaved Ice : 7900

   Rice Cake Toast : 4500

Introduction of guide

After exams my friends and I always went to Gangnam Station, trying activities and eating street foods. Now, I visit Gangnam Station every weekday for the academy I attend is located there. Since my biggest commitment is to make others happy, I would love to share my experiences and provide the best memory of your trip to Korea. The itinerary I planned is the quintessence of numerous activities and foods you can enjoy and relish in Gangnam Station. Trust me, you`ll love it.

Utilizing my photoshop skills, which led me to earn an international photoshop certificate, I can also edit and send you the perfect form of your pictures I took during our trip.

I`m currently attending international course in Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. I would love to make you happy. Come join my tour! :)
Alice Seungmin Suh

Providing items

Korean Photo Booth Fee

Other Preparation

500 coins or 1000 paper money(동전이나 천원권 지폐)

Meeting place

Gangnam Station Exit 10 I'll be waiting for you with a big smile and a placard


The activity starts right after we meet. Make sure not to be hungry before the activity; you`ll need to use some brain energy to solve questions!


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