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  • Day Tour
  • Location
  • Seoul, 성북구 돈암동
  • Time
  • 300분 - 5시간
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  • 5/6
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  • English


일상 투어 (Daily Tour)

1. 한옥카페 (하녹테라스) First, we are going to wait for you at Sungshin University station. Everything will be fine if we meet each other only on time at the right place. The first course we are heading is `hanok terrace`. It`s a cafe that externally shows a traditional Korean building look. I`m sure you`re going to enjoy it! You can`t get Cafe off the list of Korean`s daily life.

2. 돈암시장(Donam market) Walking along the street to get to the next stage of our tour, you`ll discover a market called Donam sijang. I can`t say that sijang is our daily life but we can just look around for a minute to feel the fragrance of Korea. Besides, Donam market isn`t that big and we can tell you about the foods and goods sold at the market. It would be fun to listen to the introduction of Korean market from a native

3. 파티룸(성신여대 어바웃파티) The last and the main course of our trip is a Partyroom! Partyroom is a popular indoor space to hang out with friends both daytime and all night. We are going to use this spot in the daytime to complete our trip. We can use all the stuffs that are equipped in the partyroom. For instance, we can play boardgames, take selfies with party balloon, watch Korean Tv shows and the most important activity is we can order delivery foods!! Korea represents various kinds of fast delivery foods. We will give you directions to order Korean food and you will have an experience which can`t be missed while travelling in Korea.







Introduction of guide

Hey, I am a student trip maker. I try to design a tourism package that can make anybody feel like a native in Korea. I am sure that if you choose our package, you`ll get to know how Korean students enjoy their free time down to the last detail. Also, you`ll experience Korean culture with an actual Korean friend and have a chance to compare with your own culture! There aren’t many opportunities to travel another country with a native friend but with me and my package you won’t regret :) I have a lot of experience in travelling overseas so I can easily understand your problems and I’ll put all my effort to communicate well with you to manage your wants and needs.

Providing items

cafe, delivery food

Other Preparation

Meeting place

Sungshin University Station is in line 4



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