• Transportation
  • subway or bus (Daegu Grand Park station)
  • Location
  • Daegu, Susung-gu
  • Time
  • 4~5
  • Personnel
  • 0
  • Languages
  • English


Enjoy Baseball, Chicken and beer(Coke) all in one.

 Did you know that Korea is famous of high quality baseball game and enthusiastic cheer

 I’m sure that you can enjoy baseball game with lots of passion in Korea.

 Daegu is base with ‘Samsung Lions’ one of famous baseball teams.

   # Plan

     We meet 1hour before the game start. Then we will look around the stadium and buy something to eat.

     After enjoy the game you can choose eat something with me if you want.(I know many restaurant near stadium)

   # You can refer to the following site. It is somewhat similar to ours but not same.


  * I will teach about the Samsung Lions`s cheering song.

  * I’m sorry that there are not enough pictures, you can get interested or understand about this trip (Soon I will bring them.)

Introduction of guide

When I go on a trip, I watch sports game in that area and country.
I can feel the enthusiasm of the area that you have not felt while walking around.
Maybe you will think that soccer is more famous than baseball in Korea.
In Korea, however, baseball is more popular than football.

Providing items

Reserved Seat, ChiMac(Chicken with Beer or coke), Cheering Rods,

Other Preparation

Passion to cheer hard, Wear comfortable clothes(We will jump and cheer hard)

Meeting place

Meeting Place is 'Daegu Grand Park' station - Exit 5. I will be stand with flag written 'Gpoon'.


If you reserve earlier you will get better seat.


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