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Become an Idol in a Day - Kpop dance class

Learn the dance of Kpop Idol leading the center of the Korean Wave. 


It`s too sad you came to Korea and just look at Korean idols from very far away. Learning K-POP, the center of the Korean Wave from a local dancer will be an unforgettable experience.

Let`s learn their choreography and master them! We will coach you carefully so you can master the fantastic choreography of the BTS, EXO, Red velvet and Girls` Generation in one day! You can also get a customized dance coach, if you pick a song from your favorite singer or song you really want to learn and tell the tripmaker. And at least for that day, you will be a K-POP star!

If you want to learn, try it anytime! Just one day, let`s be your favorite Idol.


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Every class will be held for 2 hours for one clause


17:00 ~ 17:30 - It`s time for the trip maker and travelers to greet each other (after changing into comfortable shoes and clothes, if necessary) and give a general description of the parts and classes they`re going to learn today, and give advice on what to do with the trip. Stretching for 10 minutes. Let`s try to relax our mood by stretching before our dance. 10 minutes for monitoring dance and basic skills. I will show you the dance slowly, and then learn the basic skills that will help you for learning the proper dance. 


17:30 ~ 18:30 - Have time to learn to dance and review. It takes time to learn mainly from repetitive point movements. After learning the movements by slowing down the speed of the music, when you get used to them, you can guess the movements according to the tempo of the original song.


18:30 ~ 19:00 - Students have a one-on-one time with the Tripmaker to learn what isn`t going well or what`s confusing. And finish the trip with the dance that learned in class. 10minutes for monitoring video. You`ll have time to make a video of the dance so you can practice after class! Just like idol costumes that fit the song, you can leave a wonderful memory!





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